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Which Motorola RAZR versions will work on the Telus network?

I have one quick question.
I currently have a grey RAZR from the Telus network (I believe it says V3c on the back) and I want to get a gold one which might be a different version. (possibilities include V3 V3i etc etc) and was wondering what versions were compatible on the Telus network.

Please don't tell me "whatever Telus sells you have to use" because I really want this gold one!!!
Any way of converting something or dealing with this Telus Communism would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


awwww mannnnn!

there are no hacks or unlocking devices I can use or anything???

My brother has a MotoQ he bought off eBay on the Telus network, did that have to be bought from Telus originally??

many thanks


i have to tell you exactly what you don't want to hear. "whatever Telus sells you have to use." you can't bring another CDMA phone onto their network at this time. :-(

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