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Suzanne Leist

How to call the UK from my mobile phone and the cost

  • 1 Answer

Allan John FISHER

Where to buy Rugby III?

  • 1 Answer


Long distance plans

Agi H

Nano sim with adapter does not work

Patricia Davies

Cityfone web site

  • 1 Answer

Nizar Mohamed

I am with TELUS Mobility why you are still charging me

  • 1 Answer

Anna Szczeponek

How do I get rid of text telling me my storage is full

  • 1 Answer


what is shared data

Sheldon mercredi

How do I check my balance on my cell

  • 1 Answer

Jeremiah Ikpotokin

Is chatr available in st johns, NL

  • 1 Answer


5 phone plan



evelyn meade

Can i speak to someone about billing

  • 1 Answer

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