It wasn't that long ago when Rogers announced their plans of rolling out a 21Mbps HSPA+ network across Canada beginning this month. While their rival carriers in the country haven't made any moves to equal its mind-blowing speed, Bell, for their part, has released an internal document titled “Internal positioning of Rogers HSPA+ announcement” taking a direct jab at Rogers' HSPA+ network.

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This internal document basically states the reasons why Bell is neither concerned nor affected by Rogers’ big announcement. The full text is as follows:

Context: In anticipation of Bell’s HSPA launch, Rogers announced that it will begin deployment of HSPA+ (High Speed Packet Access Plus) starting August 2009 in select GTA areas. HSPA+ is an evolution of the HSPA network and will support speeds of 21Mbps.

Rogers release is in reaction to Bell’s HSPA announcement made last October and does not have any substance. This is apparent when one reads through the copy.

Key reasons why Bell is not concerned:
1. Rogers deployment of HSPA+ will start in August with a progressive roll out of the pocket coverage in the Greater Toronto Area ONLY
- Expansion timing and locations are unknown at this time since Rogers is very vague with roll out plans

2. Canada-wide rollout of Rogers HSPA+ netowrk will follow over time
- Bell plans to offer a national HSPA network at launch
- It has taken Rogers over 3 years to deploy 3G (HSPA) coverage to 78% of the Canadian population
- Bell offers 3G (EVDO) coverage to 89% of the Canadian population – the largest 3G coverage in Canada

3. Rogers plans to offer (1) Mobile Internet Stick at time of initial HSPA+ launch
- There are no HSPA+ phones and smartphones available commercially in the world today
- None of Rogers 3G devices today will be able to take advantage of 21Mbps speeds
- Most of Rogers devices are 2G (they only have one 3G BlackBerry whereas ALL of Bell’s BlackBerry devices are 3G)

Rogers typically pre-announces network deployments/evolutions before their network are commercially available to Canadians.
- Oct, 2005, Rogers announces plans to offer HSPA network
- Nov. 2006, one-year later launched HSPA in the Golden Horseshoe ONLY
- Oct. 2007, one-year later expanded HSPA network to 25 major cities across Canada
- Oct. 2007, announced that they were conducting field tests of high speed 7.2Mbps data services with PC Card in Brampton & Montreal. This was a trial only.
- Dec. 2008, one-year later launched 7.2 Mbps speeds to 75% of Canadian population

Bell has clearly outlined why their new HSPA network is definitely much better than what Rogers is cooking up. With nationwide availability on launch date and a bevy of 3G capable phone to choose from, it’s hard to dispute Bell’s claims here. However, as to the issue of them not being affected by Rogers’ HSPA+ network roll out, the mere fact that they released this internal document just goes to show how seriously affected they are by it.