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Will a Sony Ericsson Z500 from Cingular work with Fido’s network?

if i buy a z500a cingular from the usa will it work with fido?

cingular is the biggest lying cellphone company about its rollaway.
it is telling its regional plans customers that its no-rollaway minutes policy started last year, this Jan or Feb 2005 (every representatives give different answers) but my new plan started in March 2005.
it requires a customer who change to national plan when traveling out of the region to wait for 90 days to change back to your original regional plan or they will charge you the roaming charges for minutes used in other region even if you had already changed to national plan before you traveled out of your region.
their claim that other states cellphone companies take time to bill them and you/me will cause our billing to be billed roaming charges as their billing software cannot catch the out of region minutes!!!
this is cingular company problem, NOT the customer!!!
DO NOT RENEW with cingular as they are the biggest lying rollaway minutes co!

"Gorbache said:
if i buy a z500a cingular from the usa will it work with fido?"

With a SE z500a you should be able to do it yourself. Use google to find more info. (

i can unlock your z500 for $20. you can contact me @ 647-829-5429 or 613-220-0815 or


Not if it is locked

you will need to get it unlocked

available through alot of places price runs from $45.00 and up

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