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How to use the ZTE Concord as a modem for my Mac OS X?

I don't know how to use my phone as a modem

Thanks but it still doesn't work. The check box stays grey and goes uncheck immediately after I try to check it. What can I do to fix it?And it's not a problem with my server since I am allowed with my plan. Thanks.

Simply enable your ZTE Concord's Mobile HotSpot feature.

1. Touch the Home Key > Menu Key > Settings > Wireless & networks > Tethering
and Mobile HotSpot and tick the Mobile HotSpot check box.

2. Touch Mobile HotSpot settings > Configure Mobile HotSpot to enter the hotspot
- Network SSID:Enter or edit a network SSID (name) that other devices see when
scanning for Wi-Fi networks.
- Security:Select the type of security you want: Open(not recommended) or WPA2
PSK(other users can access your Mobile HotSpot only if they enter the correct
password). When you select WPA2 PSK, touch Password to edit the security
- Broadcast network name (SSID): Enable or disable the broadcast of your network SSID. If the broadcast is disabled, other users need to get your network SSID to find the Mobile HotSpot.

3. Touch Save to save your settings.

4. To make the Mobile HotSpot turn off automatically when it has been idle for a specified length of time, touch Mobile HotSpot turn off timer to set the time.

5. To limit the number of devices to share your phone’s data connection, touch Maximum connections and select the number of the devices to limit.

6. To disable Mobile HotSpot, ouch the Home Key > Menu Key > Settings > Wireless & networks > Tethering and Mobile HotSpot and clear the Mobile HotSpot check box.

Source: Page 46 of the manual found on ZTE Concord page here in The Informr

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