Rogers offers up New Travel Packages, More affordable Voice Roaming

Allan Reyes 6 years ago

Using international roaming while trekking across the globe isn’t exactly the most cost efficient way to keep in touch, which is probably why many individuals just opt to get a local prepaid SIM when visiting other countries. As such is the case, Rogers has come out with new Travel Packages in an effort to entice their subscribers to still use their services even though they’re already outside Canada.


Depending on which country you visit, you can get a roaming package for as low as $15 or as high as $110. What’s even better is that no contract is required to avail of these packages. Once added to your account, it’s good for one month and will also be automatically removed at the start of your next billing cycle.


* $35 - 15 minutes
* $70 - 40 minutes
* $110 - 70 minutes

Asia, Mid-East & Oceania

* $30 - 15 minutes
* $70 - 40 minutes
* $110 - 70 minutes

Caribbean & Latin America

* $25 - 15 minutes
* $55 - 40 minutes
* $90 - 70 minutes


* $20 - 15 minutes
* $50 - 40 minutes
* $75 - 70 minutes


* $15 - 15 minutes
* $25 - 40 minutes
* $40 - 70 minutes

We’re not exactly sure if you can get an extension for those of you who plan to stay out of the country for more than a month. This will probably be on a case-to-case basis and you’ll have to take this one up with Rogers yourself.

Nonetheless, the roll out of these new travel packages will definitely help boost subscriber confidence in using Rogers’ international roaming service amidst these financially challenging times. Will Telus, Bell and the rest of the Canadian carriers follow suit with more affordable roaming packages? We certainly hope so for the sake of healthy competition.


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  • Cass_13391 6 years ago

    If you stay another month, all you need to do is ask Rogers to add the pack for another month. Alternatively, they have "buckets" and Rogers can enter a specific expiry date on those or they can leave the expiry blank and the bucket would remain on the account indefinitely.

  • Cass_13391 6 years ago

    To clarify, the difference in the packages is pricing! The buckets are usually bigger and more expensive.

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