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About Bell

Formerly known as BCE Mobile Communications, Bell Mobility is a subsidiary of Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE), which is no less than Canada's largest telecommunications company. Bell Mobility was actually the first in Canada to establish a cellular network, however they are currently considered to be in the number two spot having just a little under six million wireless customers. You can easily find their products just about anywhere as they market their products and services through a huge network of dealers and retail outlets, which includes their own TotalCom stores. The folks at Bell Mobility boast they have the fastest wireless data network available across Canada covering 68 % of the Canadian population, with further expansions and enhancements expected to come soon.

Voice network: UMTS, AMPS, CDMA 800 / 1900 MHz, PTT
Data network: 1xRTT, EVDO, HSPA+, LTE

Bell Customer Service

Mailing Address:
1000, de La Gauchetiere Ouest, Ste. 3700 Montreal, Quebec H3B 4Y7

800-667-0123 (or *611 from your cell)
Want to speak with a human?

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Reviews (2.7/10 Avg. rating)

Darn, there are no reviews yet for this carrier.

Poor Service

(8 days ago)

I went to the US for 3 days and ended up paying over $200.00 for "roaming" when I paid a fee of $20.00 expecting it to cover that. They refused to refund me any portion of that. For that reason I am cancelling my bell service after 7 years.


Feel betrayed and ripped off

(12 days ago)

I am so emotionally exhausted, every time I had a conversation with Bell in order to complain about an extra charge that seems to appear every once in a while in our bill. A couple months ago I had a "deal" offered by a "Loyalty Department" representative just as a response of my request to cancel... More


The worst loyalty department ever !

(22 days ago)

if I can rate it -1000 I will The worst loyalty department you will ever deal with. I am not sure... do they know why the company created that role for them??? and what they are getting paid for?????? they are wayyyyy behind ABC customer service not even to the level of understanding what is meant... More


Worst and abusive customer service in the industry

(26 days ago)

Your employees must be miserable to treat people the way they do


Good coverage

(about 1 month ago)


The worst phone carriers

(about 1 month ago)

bell is the worst phone carriers that one can ever be. first, their plans are horribly expensive. second, the signal is horrible. If you live in a basement, or going underground parking, there won't be any signal on your phone. If you study in sfu, you won't be able to contact anyone except by usi... More


Worst company

(about 1 month ago)

Bell is the worst service provider i ever had. If you call customer care they take hours but won't resolve your issue. Instead they will keep repeating there words. Even after your repeated request they won't transfer your call to a supervisor.


Great customer service. Never have been over billed. Service is relaible.

(about 1 month ago)

I have not been over billed once, service had been great over the phone or in the store. No complaints ( ported my number from Rogers 6 months ago).


Bell is OK

(about 1 month ago)

I don't have a problem with call quality or dropped calls, I am a long time customer (over 10 yrs) so Customer Retention can usually find a deal that meets my needs.


Great service/signal for what I need, however...

(about 1 month ago)

I cannot justify paying so much a month for my cell phone plan. When comparing to smaller alternatives (i.e. Wind), you really see how much Bell (and I am assuming Rogers and Telus as well) are screwing over their clients. I just wish there was more competition. Not just one more company on the mark... More


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