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About Bell

Formerly known as BCE Mobile Communications, Bell Mobility is a subsidiary of Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE), which is no less than Canada's largest telecommunications company. Bell Mobility was actually the first in Canada to establish a cellular network, however they are currently considered to be in the number two spot having just a little under six million wireless customers. You can easily find their products just about anywhere as they market their products and services through a huge network of dealers and retail outlets, which includes their own TotalCom stores. The folks at Bell Mobility boast they have the fastest wireless data network available across Canada covering 68 % of the Canadian population, with further expansions and enhancements expected to come soon.

Voice network: UMTS, AMPS, CDMA 800 / 1900 MHz, PTT
Data network: 1xRTT, EVDO, HSPA+, LTE

Bell Customer Service

Mailing Address:
1000, de La Gauchetiere Ouest, Ste. 3700 Montreal, Quebec H3B 4Y7

800-667-0123 (or *611 from your cell)
Want to speak with a human?

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Reviews (2.7/10 Avg. rating)

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Extra charges

(22 hours ago)

checking voicemail counts as minutes called without answers counts as minutes no fair


I would not recommend Bell Mobility to anyone,

(3 days ago)

Sadly I switch to Bell from Telus, thinking I was getting a better deal. :( It started bad right off the bat when they didn't give me all the bonuses they promised, charged me for phones that were supposed to be free and charged me for services that were supposed to be included. I argued and bic... More


Worst company

(4 days ago)

They had a "system error" and charged me two months worth of mobile fees. Upon calling them, they said they "can't" refund me anything and advised me that the credit will sit there until it's being used the following month. I tell ya, sometimes poor students like myself can't afford to have credit... More



(14 days ago)

I would love to upgrade my phone ( Been with bell for 13 years) ..but the new bell plans or the worst of any provider anywhere ! I called to upgrade , but was told I would need to be on minimum $80 plan that only had 1gb of data ! I spoke with their "loyalty department" I was told that they no longe... More


Can't complain about customer service, there isn't any

(14 days ago)

Terrible customer service, expensive monthly plans for loyal customers. Long contracts


Worst Customer Service in mobile business *Go with Rogers!*

(21 days ago)

Trust me. Just got a new contract with Bell. And now I'm kicking myself for it.. My issue is their untrained staffs talking on the phone. It's highly possibly they hire just about anyone who needs a job.. Boy what mistake their making. Either way, do yourself a favor and go with Rogers. If yo... More


Absolutely terrible customer service

(23 days ago)

They come up with numbers out of the blue to gouge you wherever possible. They have many hidden cancelation charges that don't come up until you cancel. Every representative I've talked to has come up with different termination charges, which means they just come up with these numbers.


Poor connectivity in Guelph

(25 days ago)

slow data in this town


3 years of hell

(26 days ago)

got into a long-term contract with Bell cause it was my only option at the time. Very expensive plans. I kept getting overcharged for this and that. they suspended my service once because I couldn't pay the 400$ bill they had charged me for accidentally having my 3G on when I arrived at the airport... More


I'm paying $83 a month for my phone

(30 days ago)

I picked the phone because it is LTE and Bell's coverage map says LTE is available where I work, however, I do not get LTE there, so essentially I am wasting my money because of them


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