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About Telus

With the use of two state-of-the-art digital wireless networks: PCS and Mike, TELUS Mobility, which is the wireless business unit of TELUS Corporation offers wireless voice, data and internet services to business and consumers across Canada. By utilizing these two distinct digital wireless networks, they are able to provide coverage for more than 93% of the Canadian population. TELUS Mobility asserts they have committed themselves to providing innovative and exclusive digital wireless services in a straightforward, fair and future-friendly way to their subscribers, which number over five million. They support their clients with call centers located in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec employing over 6,000 team members from coast to coast.

Voice network: AMPS, CDMA 800 / 1900 MHz, UMTS
Data network: 1xRTT, EVDO Rev. A, HSPA+, LTE

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
200 Consilium Place, Suite 1600 Scarborough, Ontario M1H 3J3

866-558-2273 (or *611 from your cell)
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Reviews (4/10 Avg. rating)

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Great reception and customer service, but too expensive

(3 days ago)



(18 days ago)

I was told my plan was one thing and when I got my bill it was over 500$. Went in, talked to them, they said it was their mistake and I didn't have to pay it. 5-7 years later they want me to pay that bill THEY TOLD ME I DIDNT HAVE TO PAY. Horrible horrible horrible customer service!!!


How Telus Ruined My Life

(21 days ago)

I ended my relationship with Telus in 2010. They gave me a final balance that I had to pay within a month. Two weeks later I received a call from a collections agency saying that they were representing Telus and that I was past due. I told them that I had just mailed Telus a check 2 days ago, and... More



(23 days ago)

NEVER USE TELUS!!!!!!!!! I just had a bill that was $170.00 over- which is fine if you use the service. even in a situation where you perhaps misunderstand something- that is still on your shoulders. However, I called Telus about a mistake on their end that was literally going to cost me an extra 1... More


Customer Since 2002

(about 1 month ago)

The problem with reviews is people don't understand that if you walk into a BestBuy and get a Telus phone it is not Telus you are dealing with but a BestBuy employee. If your phone is crappy what does that have to do with Telus ? If you don't have Telus service in your area why did you choose them... More


My loyalty to Telus is rapifly evaporating

(2 months ago)

I have been a customer for 15+ years. I've had a few minor glitches over the years but none that had me wanting to switch carriers. For the most part, Loyalty has always been good to me, very accomodating even though my request and wants were never outrageous. My mobile plan is coming up for renewal... More


Good Service

(2 months ago)

Telus server is better than other retailers, except the price :)


No Loyality

(3 months ago)

I've been a telus customer for 20+ years and they offer more deals to a new customer than to me and that I do not agree with and as such I will be leacing the!!


Is ridiculous

(3 months ago)

First of all their modem has the worst rage i have ever seen many people i have discussed with also agree and i am on my second modem. Because the range is so bad we had to buy two wireless bridges (one for upstairs and one for the basement). Ironically both of these 50$ bridges have better range th... More


All Carriers in CANADA SUCK !

(3 months ago)

I have been w Bell , Telus and Rogers and all of them are only here for one thing... Your money ! I am so sick and tired of paying so much money for these services. The only way to beat these guys is to get some more competition here. I wish I didn't need a cell phone because if I didn't need one I... More


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