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About Solo Mobile

Solo Mobile is the hip and trendy counterpart to its parent company, Bell Mobility. Founded in the summer of 2005, the purpose was to target a young demographic, ages 14-21, by offering affordable prepaid and post-paid plans with a strong focus on texting. In fact, as of this writing, Solo Mobile offers up to 1,500 texts per month more than any other Canadian carrier at the same price point.

In 2006 Solo Mobile refreshed its line-up of services to compete with Fido (the wireless carrier not the oversized puppy). Dropping such features as unlimited internet and caller ID, and deploying more user-friendly terms, i.e. "agreements" instead of "contracts". Solo Mobile is a brand, not a company. From a market standpoint, it's a way for Bell Mobility to create a "carrier" that young people can feel comfortable calling their own.

Originally, Solo Mobile offered exclusive Sanyo handsets, including the Sanyo 2300 and 3100. Today most of Solo Mobiles product mix comes from Bell Mobility's inventory, including the RAZR V3c, KRZR K1m, HTC Touch 5800 and others. While Solo Mobile may share its product line-up with Bell Mobility, Solo's handsets have much lower price points and often more attractive discounts.

Customer service is handled through Bell Mobility, but in an effort to keep the branding consistent, Solo Mobile customers access customer service by dialing #SOLO from their handset or 1-877-999-SOLO from any phone.

Voice network: AMPS, CDMA 800 / 1900 MHz, PTT, UMTS
Data network: 1xRTT, EVDO Rev. A, HSPA+

Solo Mobile Customer Service

Mailing Address:
200 Boul. Bouchard Dorval, Quebec H9S 5X5

877-999-7656 (or #SOLO from your cell)
Want to speak with a human?

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Reviews (2.8/10 Avg. rating)

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Worst customer service experience

(2 months ago)

I called Solo Mobile to get the detailed bill of the last month. The representative referred me to the website. I explained that the billing period on the website is greyed out and I can not choose the last month period. The only available option was this month billing period. The representative, Mu... More


Solo is fantastic

(4 months ago)

GREAT COMPANY, BEST OUT THERE, Cheap monthly rates! their phones aren't the most up to date but if you like a basic smartphone then this is the company for you 1GB data plan with UNL nationwide calling and texting around the world for just 50$ is one the cheapest data plans out there!


I hate this because.....

(8 months ago)

I cancelled three months ago. Surprise surprise they did not close the account and continued to charge me. I dial a number to check if it has been cancelled and they charge me for a months usage. Worst company ever. Do not use. It is a rip off.


Trying to charge me double for deactivation

(10 months ago)

What was the point of me waiting until my contract ended to move to another company when they're going to charge me an extra month upon deactivation anyway. But whatever, I paid to get them off my ass hallelujah... Said month has now come and gone, and what do I see? ANOTHER email from them sayin... More


Worst Customer Service Ever

(11 months ago)

I have been dealing with Solo customer service, both by telephone and in person for several months. Without boring you with the details, let it suffice that each and every contact session with this company was useless in clearing up problems. Their staff have obviously not been trained in custome... More


Classic malicious incompetence

(about 1 year ago)

I closed my account 3 months, have paid "final bill", SOLO keeps sending me printed statements & charging me $2.10 for each mailing. . ... what parasitism.


No phones

(about 1 year ago)

I really enjoyed Solo had 3 phones with them then saddly when the phones died or lost I could not replace them they stopped making phones for Solo so you have to switch to Bell and lose the great contracts I had with Solo.I guess it dosnt matter that they lose customers. Well enough about that time... More


Worst company i have ever dealt with!

(about 1 year ago)

Worst company i have ever dealt with! Try to talk to someone about a problem with billing. They keep passing you through to someone else and have to start from the beginning. you will spend hours on the phone trying to resolve any issues . Charge for internet use when that was not the case. I could... More


Corporate Dishonest Tyranny - Perhaps FRAUD - identity theft

(about 1 year ago)

Yet to be proven... Last week I found out I am the victim of identity theft. The perpetrator had my address, my Mastercard Number, my mother's maiden name and my SIN number. Until 25 days ago, I don't think anyone had all of three of those, but then I made the mistake of giving (very reluctantly)... More


Best company until Bell took over

(about 1 year ago)

Solo mobile was one of the best cell phone companies that I have ever dealt with. Their customer service was above and beyond expectation. The only downside was the phone selection was limited. Then, like all good companies, they get eaten up by either Rogers or Bell. It's a darn shame. Bell C... More


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