E90 Nokia ComI've been seeing the headline "Nokia E90 Communicator" since yesterday and though I am a fan of Nokia, the "spy shots" didn't look too newsworthy.

I was glad I waited. The official press photo should actually look like this rendering from a forum poster if Nokia wants market appeal. Why Nokia realeased a communicator now after critics are keen to pronounce the PDA dead and everybody thought Nokia's Communicators, though excellent devices, have been peacefully subsumed by Nokia's even more excellent Nseries smartphones, especially now that Wi-Fi is once again a relevant feature in the N95 particularly.

Most likely, the case is that the Communicator with all its graces as a business tool will raise the flag for the Eseries line, a more logical step than continuing the non-QWERTY business-sense of the E60 and, the gull-wing inventiveness of the E70 fold-out mini-QWERTY or the ultra-wide 46-keys QWERTY keyboard (for your thumb) aesthetics of the E61.

The E90 will run on the S60 3rd Edition (3.1, Feature Pack 1). It's a clamshell with two magnificent screens improving on the Communicators, the external 240x320 pixel screen being the first and the second, the internal 800x352 pixel display that will send doubters of the fashionability of a Communicator phone lining up in their local Nokia stores.

The E90 is also equipped with 2 cameras with a VGA for video conferencing and a 3.2 MP for your travel pics. Apparently, Nokia is not merely thinking of an Eseries and Communicator device in one; more ambitiously, the E90 combines features from the Nokia Communicators, the Eseries business phones and the Nseries multimedia computers.