Why do my screenshots show up gray in the ZTE ZMAX?

I have a zte zmax and when I take a screenshot on it, the image shows up as a blank grey screen. Any thoughts?

Omg thank you Carl!!! It works guys!!! Just delete the folder with screenshots and it works again. If you are worried about your screenshots just move them to another folder in the files manager. Thank you so much Carl!

Cam Williams

Your storage is full. need to delete some things out of storage..photos, videos, junk, downloaded apps that you dont use

Hi there. Can you guys delete the folder the screenshots are saved and then try taking a screenshot again and see if it works after that. Let us know how it goes.

Mines also started doing this a couple days ago

My ZTE just started doing the exact same thing a few days ago, and I've tried installing Apps with same results. Any solution?

Noone has an answer to this question? My ZTE Zmax started doing this about two weeks ago just out of the blue one day all my screen shots were gray and every screen shot I take now is the same way. I didn't change anything or move anything or delete or add anything. It just HAPPENED one day. Have any of you been able to fix the problem?? Metro PCS told me to factory reset my phone. No thank you.

Yeah I just started having this issue myself. I used to be able to take screen captures easily but recently they've been turning up grey.

That's really odd. Was it like that even before? Try installing a screenshot app from Google Play store and see if it's the same.

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