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Does the Doro PhoneEasy 632 have multiple alarms?

Which doro has multiple alarms for different days?

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Doro Mobile Phones. -There doesn't appear to be an alarm which you can set at different times of the day for medication etc. The repeat alarm goes off after 9minutes after the 1st alarm set. If you try to set a 2nd alarm it deletes the 1st alarm set.

Isobel Fowlds
Isobel Fowlds

I do not see anything about different days coming up

Thank you

To set alarm on your Doro PhoneEasy 632:
1. Press Menu > Organiser > Alarm > On.
2. Enter the alarm time using the keypad.
- For a single occurrence, select Single.
- For a repeated alarm, select Repeated. Scroll through the list of days and press On to enable or Off to disable the alarm for each day.
3. Press Save to confirm.

roger greaves
roger greaves

how do i set alarm on my 632

The manual doesn't say anything about multiple alarms. What I only read is you can set the alarm to be repeated.

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