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Michelle Schmidt

How to turn on speakerphone on the Alcatel 871A?

Where is speaker phone located on Alcatel one touch pixi glitz A463BG


well, I had similar problem. Go to recent calls, highlight last call, left click options for that call, go down to call settings, go down to text phone, mode should be off. Done.

Go to
Scroll down and select Calls. Then, select activating speakerphone video when a call comes in. You just press the right soft key to turn the speakerphone ON when you answer an incoming call.


At the AT&T store, they said this is the only phone they've ever seen without speaker ability! Is there a speaker I can hook it up to?


Did anyone determine if the Alcatal 871A has a speakerphone feature or, if so, how to activate it?

john kennedy

speakerphone on my alcatel871a


How do you turn on speakerphone ? I tried the answer to Michelles question did not work

have options during call but no speakerphone to select?? i get Hold, End, newcal, address book or messaging as options

Hi Michelle. During a call, check the screen of your phone if there's an option for speakerphone. If nothing like that comes up, press the left soft key for Options. See if the option for speakerphone is there. Let me know if you're able to do it. Good luck!

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