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Thom MacMillan

When will eastlink offer flip phones?

Tried the LG 30 smart phone - expensive and complicated. Returned the LG to Eastlink and changed to Virgin Mobile just to get a flip phone. Virgin are essentially Bell. I don't much like Bell. You really need to offer a quality flip-phone. I don't do texting. I have two home computers. I just need a simple mobile phone I can use without a University degree in electronic media...


I appreciate your information. Wish I'd had this knowledge the end of July. Too little, too late I am sorry to say.

I spent $80 to purchase the Zte not two weeks ago. It is not much of a phone in my opinion.

Not interested in any contract - pay as you go only. And right now $120 plus taxes is just immensely irritating after all the hassle of the past three weeks.

Eastlink should have had this information available at your stores at the beginning of August and I very likely would have kept our phone service with Eastlink.

Thanks again, Carl. Not very happy with any of the cell phone companies right now.

Hi Thom. Eastlink is currently offering Alcatel Go Flip 3 for free on a 2-year contract or $120 if bought outright.

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