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When is EDGE coming to Rogers?

does anyone have any idea when rogers will have edge available?

I sure do hope as well.

Is it this year that they are going to release the Nokia6600? I did hear the rumors about it... Hopefully it doesn't turn out like the TDMA before GSM with rogers.... It's going to suck if that happens... :D

i heard rumors it might be sometime this summer since they are in the progress of testing the nokia phones with edge - just rumors mind you thats why i'm asking for more info - but i sincerely hope its not a year or two because otherwise i'll switch to cdma and use 1x


The beautifully anticipated EDGE technology...

It will not be out for quite some time since AT&T wireless (US) just implemented theirs last year...
My best guess would be probably about a year or two to implement EDGE..

It's just too expensive to implement yet and there aren't enough people who know what EDGE means...

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