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What is the Mobilicity Head Office phone number?

need to make a complaint.

Account: 239966660,JOSIE JOBSON
Account: 239966660,JOSIE JOBSON

I would like my advance money I paid to you in good faith be paid back to me. Due to poor customer service I switched back to Rogers. I hear Rogers bought you out. This is my second email to you. I am living on a part time job salary and a pension.
If I do not hear from any one I will try my MPP

Thanks In Advance
Josie Jobson

Mobilicity is an [dis]organization which does not answer telephones to call after you buy
their service and or products. This includes their agency as well as their direct offices.

When I went to the Mobilicity's office in Calgary around their sales person was lying on the counter either drunk or hung over. I was just totally ["un"]impressed.

I when to Mob. because my phone when missing, and Samsung said that Mob., could track it though their system. Mob. said they could not as it was against the law; the
CRTC [who regulate telephone companies ] said Mob. could!

When I purchased my Samsung Smart phone, I asked for the most up to date operating system; which they did NOT provide. I believe that is "FRAUD!" I am wrongly being blamed for not down loading the newer software of which I was not fully available.
Samsung says it Mob.responsibility to get the newer.

Going to the Better Business Org. is a good idea. Seeing up your bad experiences may be better FaceBook if you sue "Mobilicity" sue the CEO /President as well which is
David Dobson. If you have paid for product and services on a credit card, call your financial institution IMMEDIATELY and report your problem and ask for a return of your money. Hope I have helped you. Good luck!!! Don

i have been dealing with this company for about 3yrs and im so disappointed and sick and tired with there customer service and there insurance part of this god for shaken company and with the service or lack there of so let me fill you in on this company i bought my 12yr old son a blackberry for his birthday the plan i got was with an insurance that if it was lost and or stolen it would be replaced so being 12 i thought great so i bought the phone out right,so the phone got stolen when i called them they told me i would have to call the police and make a report and then i was to call them back with a report number so i did just what they told me,when i was giving the report number to one of there call takers she informed me that they had something called a vacation plan that would only $5.00 since i didn't have a phone anymore i asked her if that would affected my claim in anyway she told me NO so i told her to go ahead and do it while she was doing this she said im also going to give you 10.00 towards your account and that way it will pay your bill till they replace my sons phone how wonderful is that NOT so i wait remember they told me someone would get back to me within 24hrs no one did so i called now they inform me i would have to pay 50.00 service fee i said no i wasn't going to pay this i pay my phone bill every month never late so would like to talk with someone about this because this is what i pay my monthly bill for and also i wasn't informed of this at all so i was told someone would get back to me,shocker on one did,i called again and again buy the 5 time i called they have informed me that they would not honor there contract because i cancelled by plan when i explained that i didn't that someone from there company told me to do this they also told me that i said i wasn't paying the 50.00 i told them that's not want i said i said i don't think i should have to and wanted to talk to someone about this and my bill phone bill was paid up to date when the phone got stolen before the plan was changed bottom line is go anywhere but here i have never been treated like this and they don't have anyone in there that knows what they are doing so because i changed it and they told to i said to the stupidvisor i wouldn't have known about this if i wasn't told and anyone with a brain wouldn't cancel a plan if it would affect there claim they are lairs thief's and the worst people and like the last person i to am going to file a complaint with the better business bureau

Im sick and tired of the customer service I've been getting. I have been ripped off of money twice now and have not recieved any compensation. I want the 2 weeks from when my phone was being repaired returned plus the 1 week from this current month I am without service even though I paid for the month. I am also filing a complaint with the better business bureau.

Mobilicity customer care number and head office address can be found on the Mobilicity page. Head office number is not available though. Instead, you can send them a snail mail or you can choose to send their CEO an email for your complaint.

Dave Dobbin - Mobilicity President & CEO

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