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Doug Cottrell

What do I do when TELUS fails to deliver on several contract/legal deliverables?

9 months with service not being provided in the promised service areas (I don't mean weak signal - I mean NO SERVICE). Billing errors, usage reporting errors, Web page errors, endless multiple ineffective support calls including escalations to 2nd and 3rd level. What now??? And if you say "call support" lightning will immediately destroy your reproductive organs.

Hi Doug, this sounds really bad and we understand that you must feel utterly disappointed and overall frustrated at the way you have been treated as a customer. It seems you haven't been getting the attention (and much less the help) that you need through the support line, so you want to avoid using it. Fortunately, there are still a number of ways for you to reach out to Telus to settle things once and for all.

First, you can go to the Telus web site to contact them through one of their web pages. You have to remember though that it may take a while for Telus to respond if you send them a message through here.

You might have better luck initiating a conversation through one of Telus's social media accounts. You can try either the Telus Facebook page or the Telus twitter. Again, it might take a while for them to respond through these, so just be a little patient if you are just going to try this for the first time.

Since you might have to wait for Telus to respond through any of the above methods, maybe you could try using the support line again just in case you have the time for it. We know it has been hard to get any real help from there, but since you've already spent some time talking with them in the past, surely they have some sort of record of your history of problems already, which would certainly cut down on the time you would have to spend explaining and allow you to get to a solution faster if it's possible.

More than airing your frustration about your experiences so far with them as a paying customer, try to tell them that you have had just about enough and are considering cancelling your service altogether. Maybe someone from Retention could give you a good offer for staying.

We just hope this whole thing gets resolved so you can move on to doing more important things. Let us know how it all works out!

You can check out some of the info we have on Telus through our official Telus carrier page.

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