What can you say about Mobilicity service?

How do you like mobilicity sevice...? my phone only works when i am not under the roof. i mean only out side

richard Johnson

u get what u pay for. Cheap service provider, long wait times for CSR, poor coverage areas or no coverage, spend more time looking at a cdn roaming on my screen when Im close to home its very annoying, Always want more money to be put in my wallet balance, then it gets eaten up fast. My advise pay afew bucks more and get service and coverage because you wont get it here. Im leaving

Mobilicity is great in Toronto. Been with them over a year now - NO COMPLAINTS! If you pre-pay for a year, they give you 30% off your bill, making it the best cell deal anywhere.

You can read Mobilicity reviews here in the Cell Phones Etc website. You can also write a review of your own to share your experience with Mobilicity with others.

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