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Does anyone have any information on upcoming Fido handsets?

Hi all,

I've been searching far and wide to try and find information on upcoming releases for Telus w/o success. Anyone know where I can get this info?

I'm looking for a new phone that has great quality, reception, battery life, etc., and I want something that is very up-to-date. I use an 2000+ mins/month (work phone), so I need the best. I don't want bells & whistles, cameras, or games - I just want quality.

The Motorola T731c is getting pretty out-dated, so I was thinking they may have something new coming out but can't find any info.

Any help?


:D That is right the BEST! LG6190, no one will be disappointed. If all phones were made like this we wouldn't need to keep changing our phones every 2-3 years. This phone is where all other manufactures and models will have to raise their game too. Yes, we know it is early but I'm willing to bet that this phone will be talked about just as the Mot 550/555 and Mot 650 are still being talked about today.
Cheers LG & Telus for this one, you both have done something right for a change. :P

LG6190 Fastap, the best there is and will be the best there ever was. Just have someone demo it for you or read about right on this site.

So I grabbed the Motorola V710... VERY pleased!

Yeah the phone is $500 w/tax, but when Telus offers to foot the bill who cares! Perks of being a high volume customer I guess.

This phone is at the top of the market right now. No other phone currently has all the features that this little bad-boy comes with. The one thing I'm most impressed with is the "user experience" when using the phone. Everything seems convenient and ergonomic. I'm just waiting for this site to post the phone for review so I can elaborate.

Thanks for all your help!


Now available @ Telus

Motorola V710
Audiovox 8920 King Kam
Nokia 3205 Chameleon
LG 6190 Fast Tap
LG 535 Slider phone


It is official.

LG6190 coming soon!

Nokia 3205 Now available.

Watch for the LG Fasttap, or the new motorola. the FastTap is world exclusive to Telus only. both due out in next few months.

Otherwise I recommend the LG4600

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