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Can you use the wireless web with Roger's Pay As You Go plans?

Hey,I was just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with rogers pay as you go. and there is a new package out with the sony ericcson t226, i've read alot of review and they said that it got bad reception but all of the reviews are At&t users so yeah. My main question is that , can you use the wireless web with rogers pay as you go? i want to download ringtones and images with it. thanks. :D

I have a motorola v300 and you can use the web at 2cents a page and no $1 to start.

Not true!

I just got my new Motorola T720 activated with Rogers Pay As You Go, and they now have the option for surfing the web with WAP on your GSM phone.

HOWEVER - it's costly. $1 to start, 2 cents per page view. EXPENSIVE!

No you cannot download or acces the web with Rogers Pay as you Go

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