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Petro Canada anytime pay per use-data not available

It's my understanding (after talking to customer service) that data is no longer available for anytime pay per use (pay as you go)? Rogers is no longer supporting data on the 3g network and the pay as you go option uses 3g only. Petro Canada hasn'tbupdated their website. If anyone has a good option for pay as you data that would be appreciated. Thx


I just found out too today that my 3G data is no longer working on pay per use prepaid. Weird thing is my wife's has the same set up and hers is still working. Mine seems to stop working after I updated my iPhone 11 Pro Max to latest iOS

Hi David. Sorry, are you pertaining to their Pay-per-use not being updated? I still see the per use data rate of $0.15/MB. What about Virgin Plus' $100 Annual Prepaid plan if you want something longer. Also check Fido's annual prepaid plan and Freedom's annual prepaid plans. There's also Lum Mobile with their 3-month and 12-month plans.


Just to be clear. I believe you are forced to have a monthly plan now to get data. I had a top up pay per use with longer top up time frames. They no longer have data for this option. This still is not made clear on the website.


That's the plan I was making reference to. They haven't updated their website to point out data is now not included with pay per use plans. I'm in BC

Hi David. How about PC Mobile's $20 prepaid plan? Unlimited calls and text and pay per use data at $0.15 per MB. Visit plans page if you want to see more options. Or you can also let me know which province you're in and how much mins and text you need so I can make better suggestions.

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