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Is it possible to get a Pay As You Go Plan when you buy a Fastap LG 6190 from Telus?

im planning on buying the fastap LG6190 and i don't plan to buy it under any of the contracts so i was wondering if i would be able to open a pay as you go contract with telus when i get the phone...

thanks :D

charlotte :wink:

Koodo Mobile recently dropped the price of the Keybo on prepaid to $200. You can find that here:

Hope that helps. Good luck!

i was just wondering how much it would cost for a lg keybo i want one but i want pay as you go

hi charolette,

yes. if you purchase the phone out-right at full retail price, then you are able to activate it on a prepaid plan. just take it in to your local telus mobility dealer and have them program the phone with a pay as you go number for you. they will likely charge a fee for activation however, you can do it yourself by calling telus.

good luck.

p.s. a friend has the fastap and he really likes it.

thanks Branden! i was kinda worried cuz i REALLY want that phone! :D

charlotte 8)

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