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What to do when ZTE Overture 2 is having screen problems?

After one month of having this phone, not having dropped it once, I started not being able to use any button on the top left corner. I couldn't click the + sign on my Google app to make an new tab, I had to click the menu to the right and select "open new tab". On apps, I can't use the menu bar if it's located on the top left corner, I just can't click, but I can't swipe. About a week later, I had problems with my back button. Then it wouldn't really work. Next day, my app switcher button, and then a day later, my home button. I have to use a burst of 3-5 taps and wait for it to work. So I downloaded a menu bar for androids, that has the three non-functioning buttons. It should've have worked, but the back button won't work, and I have to use tap the "broken" one like ten times before it works. I have to click the broken app switcher too and wait five seconds before they pop up, bc the app won't work. And I the home button on the app works the same as the broken one. Now, I am just done, bc I was texting just now and when I clicked the menu button on the top RIGHT corner, it wouldn't work. Soon, I won't be able to use any button to fix this problem!! Does it have to do with my storage space? I have a few apps, but I need those, and my pictures are all deleted from my album bc they are automatically since to my Google Photos (but some how, when I look at my storage, the pictures still take up space..) I desperately need help bc I haven't done anything and my Dad pays for my phone, I don't want to dissapoint him!

Looks like you need to replace the display. Visit the store where you bought it or contact ZTE to know the nearest service center and take your phone there.

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