My ZTE N762 will not turn on past the Android logo. What can I do?

Were you trying to root it? If so, then it's bricked and I don't know what to do for you. If you weren't trying to root it, rooting it may be the only chance that you have. There's a guy I met on a forum named smartmanvartan who definitely lives up to his name. Here's his instructions on how to root the phone:!Easy-Two-Step!)
In this case, if I were you, I would assume that you have the B08 ROM just to be safe. Root the phone as if it were a B08 because the steps for the previous ROM versions will brick a B08 but the steps for a B08 won't brick the previous versions. I personally have done this (I have a B08) and it works perfectly. This might save your phone by installing a different (and far better) version of Android. I caution you however, in the beginning the Voltron build has a bug that causes the OS to lose track of things like Google Play but it will allow you 1 download before that happens. Make sure you download a program called Zedge because with it you can access Google Play and the Google Play icon will magically work again with no further problems. I had to reset my phone 5 times before I figured this out. Once I did, it was smooth sailing all the way. I hope that this hepls you.

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