How to know if Virgin Mobile is billing you for data instead of using home Wi-Fi network?

My mobile phone is connected to my home wifi yet i've been billed for data usage. I was told this may happen when the signal is weak. Can i be notified at the time so i can choose not to be billed?

Deactivating Data network mode can assure you that you are really just connected to Wi-Fi and not mistakenly to data.

To deactivate data connection press and hold the power button until a menu appears. Scroll down and choose Data network mode. This should deactivate data connection. If you want to use data again you just need to do the same steps again.

Hi Katherine. You should see an indicator on your phone's display that you're using data. Also, in some phones you can disable data usage. Let me know which phone you have so I can give you more information about it.

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