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Does the Motorola v65p have any issues in making phone calls or receiving voice messages?

for those of you who have the Motorola V65p, how often do your calls immediately roll into your voice mail WITHOUT the phone ringing?

Here's what's happening with my LG VX6100 is that every time a phone call comes it's not ringing, instead it rings that I have a voice mail message. Also, it might take me five or six times to be able to dial a call because all of my calls are dropped. Incoming calls are always dropped too! A month after I purchased my first LG VX6100, I purchased another one because the sales person told me it was the equipment. Form what I've been reading this is happening to several different people across the counrty.

So, I'm looking for a reliable phone. Please akswer the questions above about the Motoroloa V65p phone. THANKS!! S

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