Why does the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime show media server failed camera restart?

Media server failed camera restart?

Step 1 Switch off your phone step-2 Remove Battery Step-3 Reinstall Battery Step- 4 Switch on Phone It will work

My samsung galaxy grand praim smg503h camera faill I what doing

Samsung grand 2 media server failed camera needs restart problem please give me permanent solutions

Still having this problem. I have tried all of the solutions above. My phone is updated. Did a hard reset. Wiped the whole phone. Cleared the cache. Cleared the data! Doesn't work in selfie mode or in any other app in selfie mode. Is a hardware problem a possibility?

Sophie michelle
Sophie michelle
I have done all the things above and its still not working

I have still problem.I have doing unplug battery for 15sec but still problem tell me solution plz

Keep getting media server failed iv took the battery out iv cleared the cache and took the sd card out still not working in selfie mode

Vivek Gupta_20658

I want real solution, not a comment

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