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How to fix camera problem on the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime?

I keep getting a message MediaServer failed. Camera needs restart when using the camera on my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime phone. How do I solve this problem.

Accepted Answer

My phone camera Samsung grand prime can"t be operate...there is some alert.

UPDATE: Answer provided by @moontej worked. Power off the phone. Remove the battery for 20-30 seconds and then re-attach. Power up phone again. Then your mobile camera will work. This is caused by a power distribution problem inside the mobile chipset.

Carl P. It worked for a while as I removed battery and reinserted it. But afterwards the problem persists. 

wow i also just switched off and removed the battery for some time and it cant imagine this has taken me three weeks trying to fix the problem yet it was this easy.

Wow, It worked. I just switched off my mobile, removed the battery wait for some time, re-inserted and switched on and here it goes.

My grand prime front camera ulta showing

my camera is not working it says warning camera failed and warning media server failed. needs restart

pls help me i cannot do anything

I can not view my pictures in gallery...also can't use my clock alarm n when i go to settings n tap on storage i get kicked out of settings.  Please help me fix this.

Dear sir 

My phone camera failed so please help 


My grand prime's phone camera media server is failed please Help me how to solve this problem instruct me to make this camera 


Best "jugaad" of all time for every phone

It worked! thank you so much!

thanx it worked for me after removing battery

Do I have to constantly remove my battery?

It didnt worked... my selfie camera fail to work

Remove Ur phone battery and re-insert it .100%working

Thankz guys. It really works I tried lots of things like factory reset etc... but this is very simple and use full. Thanks again..... 

Thank you guys,  it's working for me........ 

Thank you for the very effective advice!!!

I tried so many ways to fix this"camera failed" Read many forums and blogs, none of the idea worked.

But, after reading here I removed the battery and inserted again and restated, worked wonder. Thank you guys.

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