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Has anyone else experienced malfunctions with the LG 5450?

:twisted: OK< I have had my 5450 since it first came out and I love the thing BUT I also sell them for Telus mobility and they seem to have a serious issue or two.... This handset seems to want to go into analogue when you are in a digital area, it also likes to power itself off. Not features you usually look for in a phone :cry: Has anyone out there had this happen to them with this handset?

yeah got this phone, had for a month, and the external caller id screen gets like light black lines going through it, and it does like to power itself off, and most recently I've had the phone go into analog when I'm sitting in an area that its always been in digital mode, its went into roaming when I'm sittin' at home!

Lg actually took that model off the market it for a while because there are software problems with this phone they suposedly have it fixed now.

THere are so many stories about this Specific Model. Front Screen some time act wierd. letters reads back word.

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