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How to increase phone signal of ZTE Valet?

Got phone over six months ago. Had no trouble making phone calls with or without many bars
Lately can't seem to make or connect to calls coming in. Is there any way to increase phone reception?

Here are some ways to improve your phone signal:

1. Try to keep your battery charged to 2 bars or higher
Often, your battery can be strong enough to attempt a call, but not strong enough to find a signal.

2. Try moving outside or to a window to place your call rather than making calls from deep inside buildings
Buildings and other large structures are very unfriendly to cell phone signal.

3. Utilize a Smart Signal Booster
A new category of Smart Signal Booster is emerging. This new category of boosters utilizes super-powerful baseband processors to clean the signal before it is rebroadcasted.

4. Install a cellular repeater in your place
Cell phone repeaters pick up low cell signal with an antenna, boost the signal and broadcast it over the coverage area.

5. Change networks
Chances are if the signal is bad with one network you can improve by switching.

6. Hold your phone correctly
Hold your phone upright to guarantee that your phone can "see" your carrier signal.

7. Host a cell site
This may take time, but where cell phone reception is inadequate property owners can host small cell sites on their properties for major wireless carriers. They may even pay your phone bill.

8. Use Wi-Fi as your cell phone signal
If your mobile phone supports UMA, you can use the wi-fi as your cellphone signal where you don't get GSM signal coverage or areas with poor coverage.

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