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Glenna Armstrong

Can I upgrade my current Virgin Mobile phone?

I have an old style phone.  Can i upgrade?

I'm on a two year plan and my phone is broken 1 year in, can i upgrade to a new phone

can i upgrade my samsung galaxy nexus for an iphone

Good luck with that. I was told I could upgrade repeatedly AND keep my plan. Three months of calls, visiting the store three times and every time told I can do it but, there's always some "reason" why it won't be today, right now or I'm told "next week" we'll have what you need. I have wasted SO MUCH OF MY TIME on this b.s. Started out nice and friendly and now about ready to leave Virgin after being a customer since 2008 on a super tab and before that was pay as you go with them. Valued customer? I think not. Keep your plan? Hardly. Upgrade your phone to a phone of your choice? Nope. I have spoken with no less than ten customer service reps, one manger, one person in retention, two sales people and a partridge in a pear tree. Still no new phone and my plan that retention told me I could keep is in question. Also was told I would NEVER have to change my plan when I signed up for it.

Really disappointed in the run around I've been given since June 26th, it is now September and I'm without any phone at all since I lost mine but, was trying to upgrade. Everyone is "sorry" and two reps even said to me "I don't think you were treated fairly." but, still no resolution. You know, I don't live in the land of nothing to do all day. They say go to the store, I go, three times. No resolution store's computer is down, or store can't access my file etc. Call and sit on hold only to tell my issue over and over and over to different people who say to call back and I will absolutely have resolution to my satisfaction "tomorrow"

I'm leaving Virgin since I am starting to think that was their goal giving me all this run around. Is there a sign on the wall there that says "Be nice, talk a good game but, get people off those plans and on more expensive ones." Sure seems like it. REALLY unhappy with how I've been treated after being a loyal customer who referred others to Virgin for so long. And yes, I was told repeatedly I was eligible for an upgrade. AND eligible to keep my plan on the upgrade. Just don't try to actually do it. You'll get nowhere fast. If you have months to spend going round with them then go for it.

Hi Glenna. It depends on how long you've been with your plan. Contact Virgin Mobile so their reps can check if you're already eligible for a phone upgrade.

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