Why can't I open picture message on my Apple iPhone 4s using Chatr network?

I have an iPhone 4S and have the Chatr unlimited talk and text with data but I can't sent or open any pic msg why would this be do I have to reconfigure a setting ? I've tried everything I can think of already !?

I am having the same issue. Added data to my Chatr account but am unable to send or receive pics via text on my iPhone. Spoke with a tech person at chatr but as much as he tried, was unable to solve the issue. PLEASE HELP!!!


Thanks, but Chatr does not allow one to access APN settings in iPhone (using 5s). Using iPhone Configuration Utility, one can create a profile for either 3G or MMS but not both. I tried combining the two in one profile: 3G works but not sure about MMS. Can someone more knowledgeable please write down the exact steps (e.g. in the iPhone Configuration Utility, I cannot figure out where to put the MMS URL)

To use chatr data and MMS, you’ll need to input a few key settings into your phone.

For chatr data:
The data APN is chatrweb.apn
For chatr MMS settings:
The MMS APN is chatrweb.apn
The MMS URL is http://mms.chatrwireless.com
The MMS IP address is
The MMS port is 8080

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