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How do you play music on the LG Voyager VX-10000?

I have a verizon voyager x10000. when try to play music, it says there is no application. what I can do? can someone help?

Perhaps you need to download the drives from the CD (only the drivers and not the Rapsody) and use the following steps:

1. This will ERASE EVEYRTHING currently on the card.
Menu - Settings and tools - Memory - Card memory - Options - Format

2. Install the USB drivers from the phone CD
3. Connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable

4. On the phone do: Menu - Settings and Tools - Tools - USB mass storage

A window should pop up on the computer
Open files to view

If not:
- Click on My Computer
- Choose the phone (Removable Disk x: )

5. Put your music in the my_music folder

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