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darla bhoncharan

Can you change your Mobilicity plan anytime you want to?

I have a plan already i want to change my to a different one can i do that?

I was told to call January 10, 2013 to get the 1/2 off special. I have been holding on line for the last 30 minutes. Is that fair to your customers? You have much competition and I am one of the first clients to have gone with Mobilicity and have been a good customer. Why am I on hold for this long...? Are you trying to get me tired enough to hang up?
It's really not fair. I think you have done well for your company for the last 2 years. Why do you make people use up their valuable time staying on hold for such a long time.
Soon people will find better plans to go with.

Yes, you can go to and click on "My Plan Features & Monthly Add-Ons" to change your plan online. If you are changing to a plan with a higher monthly fee, you will be required to make a payment online to complete this plan change.

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