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How to play music on the Sonim XP5520 Bolt?

I am trying to play music on a sonim xp5520 and can't figure out how to play it.  Can you help?

My father has a Sonim XP5520 There are two places there card " micro SD" and the main memory cell . He wants to listen to music with the Media Player that's already installed for purchase I have put some songs on the main memory and the MSD in "File Management " - " phone or memory card " then in "audio" . But we can not get from the music you think you can help me on the subject ... Me will indicate where by step by step ? And what is the same for ringtones added in any folder on the MSD ?? There's Bluetooth to the cell . drive and to use it to listen to music from the phone. But it should not be the only way to listen we need to listen to the live cell . using the " Media Player " As any voice recordings we listen after interview I want to listen to music how to do that? Thank you for your time!!! For other questions or reply here ...  Kate Gosselin

You can listen to music saved on your phone using the media player. To access media player, select Menu > Multimedia > Media player.

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