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How to get photos from Motorola WX416 to the computer?

All that happens when I plug into computer is that the phone charges.  I get none of the above.

Turn the phone on.
Plug a USB cable into the port on the left side of the phone and the other end into the computer's USB port.
Flip open the cover and a window will display 'USB config'.
You will have two options: 1) Mass storage, or 2) COM port
'Mass storage' will be highlighted.
Press the upper left white dot on the phone to "ok" this setting.
A "Done" message will display.
Go to the drive settings on your computer and look for the Removable Disk.
Open this drive and select the 'Photos' folder.
Open the folder and drag/drop photos to your desktop.

My question was not completely answered, so it not of any value

thanks anyway.

Do I need an additional card , if so what kind, to transfer my photos to my computer.I have aMotorola wx416 witha usb cable.
I tried it but nothing comes up

NOT helpful. You have no idea about this phone.

I have the WX416 phone and I want to send pictures I take with it to my email. My relative can do this with his phone but it is not the same as the phone I have. How is it done with this phone?

You need a memory card inserted in your phone to transfer photos or videos. Plug your USB cable into your phone & computer. Your memory card will show up in My Computer as a removable storage. You can now drag and drop files to and from your computer.

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