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How to fix ghost touch on my Motorola Moto G4 Plus?

hello i bought motorola g4 plus about a month ago, just from the first day i m observing "ghost touch" in my phone during charging by the provided turbo charger. The screen is randomly touched automatically at a very rapid rate. The phone becomes un opera

Just start the Adaptive Brightness on and restart your device. VOILA! 

I have the same problem, charging or not. Had one Moto G4 that had no issues, but was stolen. Second one I got (this time Dual SIM) started ghost-touching after a few months. Extensive online searching says the only fix is to replace the phone, so do so within warranty or you're out of luck.  One thing I have just noticed, however, is that my "ghost" is always in the same section of the screen, the lower and mid right.  It would open applications and then go crazy.  So I moved the applications away from those sections of the screen, on all pages, and it now seems to be working better.  Whenever I install a new app, I have to make sure it doesn't put its icon in that troubled section of the screen, but other than that it seems to help.  It's not a definitive fix, but a way to get by until you can get the exchange.


I am experiencing ghost touch problem. Since from 30 days but in two types one in charging one in watching videos and games in all time but what is the solution once the mobile fell down it started so much at that time before it was normal 

@Rishabh @CarlP : Stop Pluging  your new Moto G4 + in any other changer right now. This problem is experienced for a lucky few like you and me. Take your mobile to the nearby  Lenovo/Motorola Authorized Service Center. Explain to them about the issue it is also called "Ghost Touch" if they service people dont know how to fix it just suggest them to call the lenove tenical guys they will guide them. The fix is a simple Software Update no hardware changes are involved. 

Hi Rishabh. In my experience, just plug the phone to a different charger, just make sure it is perfectly working fine. Are you using an after market charger? If you do, I suggest that you stop using that and stick to using the original charger.

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