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How to save photos to SD card on the ZTE Majesty?

My phone constantly tells me that I am low on storage. I have a 32 GB sd card that I have used to move all eligible apps to. Updates to the various Google apps that can't be removed are using all my memory, as are my photos. How do I get my photos to save to the SD card? I see no options on camera or gallery.

Ok I have a ZTE Majesty Pro LTE how do you transfer pictures to a Toshiba SD card 32GB

Hi my name is Dolores and am trying to replace my
Hi my name is Dolores and am trying to replace my
Trying to get the battery out on a zte Majesty z796c don't understand why it so hard to do

Need help my phone will not let me put anything to my sd card

I'm glad that you were able to fix the issue. Have a nice day! :)

Very odd, but once I deleted ALL the photos from the internal memory (saved to dropbox first), the subsequent test photos I have taken seem to be saving to the memory card instead of internal memory. Unfortunately, none of the suggestions in this string have been useful in terms of giving me the ability to tell the camera where to store the photos - there have been no options to select storage at all, which seems very odd. At least some of the apps had the choice to move them or not, but there appear to be no choices for photos.
Anyway, thanks for the help and suggestions!!

Try taking a photo, check where it is saved. Cause as far as I know, once you insert a SD card, camera app automatically changes save location to SD card.

Or try this one: Open Settings > Storage > check if there's an option "Preferred install location", if there is, choose SD card.

I opened the app, and there are no applicable choice under settings. Choices are only scene mode, grid, shutter tone, picture size, image ( which then goes to contrast, brightness,etc), white balance, ISO, review time, geotag, and restore defaults. Amy other ideas?

Hey there Laura. Open ZTE Majesty's camera app > touch the settings Icon(a cogwheel looking icon) > you should see an option to see where to save the images/videos captured. Let me know how it goes.

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