How do I get rid of server warning symbol off my Motorola WX416?

I am told the Sever Warning messages are issued by AT&T and my provider Consumer
Cellular has no control over the messages. I How do I get rid of the Sever Weather
symbol off my Motorola WX416, and is there any way to block these sever warning
messages? Once you receive a message, the only way I can get rid of the message is to
take the battery out of the phone. If I don't delete the message it turn the light on and kills my battery. Please help if you can! Frank Able

Sorry about using the word "sever" instead of "severe". I have a degree in math, not English. I would like to sever my ties with the "wireless Emergency Alert" system. I got upset with Verizon; I've been with them 10 yrs. and they wanted $50 for a new phone and
a $35 activation fee after I had completed my two year contract, so I wentwith "Consumer
Cellular"(CC). I don't get very good phone service because I live in a small town and am
on the fringe of the only AT&T tower signal.
CC does have great customer service and they told me how to opt out of the severe weather, Amber alert messages (can't opt out of Presidential alerts).
FEMA has started a Wireless Emergency Alert(WEA) system so they can get emergency
messages to as many people as possible via cell phones, TV, and radios. I won't to go
into more detail; Google it and you will find more info than you want.
CC told me you can opt of this service by sending a text message from my phone.
Enter the word "CANCEL" (no quotation marks) to 26236 (I think Verizon has a phone #
you can call and I don't know about other providers such as Sprint, T-Mobile etc.)
I've already done this and don't know if it will until we have some bad weather or Amber alert and I don't get any more messages. You might want to check another source before
giving this info to someone else. I still have the alert symbol on my phone and would like to know how to get rid of it. CC didn't have a suggestion.
Thanks, Frank Able

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