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How do I transfer my pictures from Samsung CorbyPRO onto my computer?

Thank you David. I did this and it worked. I was worried I would lose them, so thank you very much.

Hi Lallie, you can transfer pictures from your Samsung CorbyPRO to your computer through the use of a microUSB cable. If your phone came with a microUSB cable in the box, you can use that by connecting the smaller end to the CorbyPRO and the bigger end to one of the USB ports on your computer.

As soon as you connect the two, the phone should start working in USB storage mode. In case it doesn't, check the screen to see if there is a prompt for you to activate USB storage mode. This would let you navigate the folders on your phone, just like the folders on your computer with all your files.

So look through your phone's folders for the pictures you need (they are usually stored under "Camera" or "DCIM"). When you find the pictures, just copy and paste them onto your computer (Create a New Folder to put the photos in to make things easier).

Let me know if this helps you with what you need to do!

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