How can my 19 year old grandson get out of a contract he got into about 2 weeks ago?

he came to his senses and realized with no job he just couldnot pay for it. they never even asked if he was employed

Rogers has a 15-day policy to return the phone (from the day you received it). The phone also can't have more than 30 minutes of airtime used up on it. You can still cancel the plan but you have to pay the early cancellation fee. Check with Rogers to find out how much the cost is.


Hi Grindale Thanks for the advice..My grandson went to see the Rogers dealer about canceling the contract but was told there was no way and reminded him he signed it.He told him to call star something and maybe lower the monthly amount but wasnt really sure about that.Can this be true?


Hi there.The carrier is Rogers

Hi Catherine. You should read the company policy and see if it's still possible to end the contract without having to pay an early cancellation fee. Let me know which carrier your grandson signed up with and I'll check their policies for you.

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