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Chuck Benson

Get rid of the data charge etc

We purchased two iPhones, and dit not want data ... however they gave it to us anyway and it is a charge of $13 a month .. we are a couple of elderly individuals and we do NOT want data ...


Only offer the buyout and change plans

You're welcome. Don't they offer some changes on the contract since it's pretty new?


Many thanks ... we did just what you said.  To get out of it, we have to buy out our contract and set up a new plan ... unreal ...

Hey Chuck. I think I know what happened. Did you choose for a cheaper upfront payment for the phone? I think you either chose Tab Plus plan or Tab Mid plan. Where as if you chose a higher upfront payment, you have the option to choose a Tab Basic plan where there's a no data plan. How much data you got? Keep in mind that data overage is $13/100 MB.

Hi Chuck. Which carrier are you with? I'm afraid that's normal when getting a smartphone.

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