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Which service provider has the best Pay As You Go plan?

I am currently a Rogers Pay as you go user. I want to purchase a new phone , but i dont know who to go with. I like rogers, but their phones are pricey if you dont get a plan. I want to stay with Pay as you go, but who should I go with. Any help would be appreicated.!!?? Ive heard bad things about every company, which is the best. If it comes down to it, i gues i could pay for a rogers phone.

I have Telus pay as you go now, and I have no complaints so far. I set it up to auto top up my account every month (if you top up before your balance expires, you can keep the lowest rate, no matter how much you top up with). Every now and then my account will drop to 0 because their auto top up feature didn't work properly. Its not a big deal, call them up and they will refund you the money, but it is one annoyance.

Other then that, great service, never had a dropped call. They change the phones available for pay as you go quite frequently, so check back often.

i am with rogers on a monthly plan, i have checked out the pay as you go type of thing with all company's and i think that telus is the best, you can renew it month by month or do it automatically ( the features that is) this would be my pick. . .if i was to go pay and go

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