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Does the unused data accumulate from one month to another ? (If I take the lowest fee plan but I use only few Mb...)

I'm thinking about using an old phone /tablet for ...something.

There are also other carriers that does data rollover:

Hi Cris. Apologies, I missed that part. Yes, data will rollover for up to 2 months. Your mobile plan will always use the oldest data first (thus, your rolled over data). Keep in mind that rolled over mobile data cannot be gifted to another Fizz member.



Thank you for caring to answer.

Well, I thought I was writing in a FIZZ thread, so it was "implicit".

(I thought...)

So, it was about FIZZ, but any other carrier that does that is ... on the ballot.

Thank you,


Hi Cris. That depends on which plan and carrier you are using. Can you tell us which one you have?

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