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How to activate PC Mobile phone?

I bought a new cell phone on 10/21/15 I went on line to get my phone activate & it's still not working

What you'll need:
To activate, you'll need the phone's serial number. To find it, open the back plate and remove the battery. Look for a number that starts with DEC, MEID-HEX, or ESN and write it down so you can refer to it when you activate.

Activate by Phone:
Call 1-877-284-6361 to get a PC Mobile phone number and temporary voicemail password. Activation is immediate so you can start talking and texting right away.

Activate Online:
After completing the activation form, you’ll get a confirmation email that includes your PC mobile phone number and temporary voicemail password, and within 24 hours you’ll be good to go. source

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