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Brian Puetenier

How to remove keypad tones on the ZTE Z222?

How do you stop the beeping noise everytime you press a button?
I have muted the phone but still has beeping from pressing buttons.

On the ZTE Flip phone any model. Go to the settings. Click on Profile. In the lower left corner you will see EDIT. Click edit and all you sound settings are there. Media, Music, Phone Volume, Messages, ETC. There is a key pad setting on the very bottom you must scroll down to find it. This is a very complicated arrangement to control settings on a $20 phone. Now if I can figure out how to enter my Contacts in all CAPITALS I'll let you know. Sincerely, Red.

Go to settings from Menu. From Settings select Sound Profiles. Whatever profile you are on go over it, and notice on the bottom left corner there is the word edit.  Select edit and it will lead you to many options, go down and find Keypad Tone, select that and turn it off. That is the long and grueling process to turn off those annoying insane beeps. Hope it helps! :)

I've done this (turned keytones off) but I still get the loud button sounds. This is a work phone, so I'd prefer not to go on silent mode.

I finally figured this MF out. Go to settings - profiles - choose the SILENT profile. This gets rid of all the keypad sounds including the annoying beeping every time you press a button. It was driving me craaaaaazy hearing that loud beeping every time I dialed a number.

Just bought a "new" ZTE Z222 ( Rogers Canada)..
"YES" you can "MUTE" the noise every time you press a button..

- Settings (Button)
- Profile (Button)
- General - Edit (Button)
- Keytones - List (Off)

I cannot find "Sound Profiles' setting on my phone ZTE Z222. The water drip sound is too loud and is annoying.

Go to Settings > Sound Profiles Settings > Choose the profile you are currently using > Select Keypad tone to disable it.

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