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What can you say about the CityFido plan?

I'm curious to know what people think about the City service from Fido.

For 45$, unlimited local in the City zone, free transfert of your home phone number,...

i switched fromy regular fido to city fido.$35 a month unlimited,long distance and incoming / and out going.3 statements later,i am paying over $68 a month...nasty business. soon ill be done with fido


I recently signed up for a CityFido plan (after namy years as a Rogers customer). The "Unlimited Minutes" on the CityFido plan appealed to me. To my surprise, Fido charges $0.20 per minute if you call forward your cell phone to another number! This fact is not presented anywhere in Fido's retail literature. Furthermore, Rogers does not charge for call forwarding nor is your account dinged minutes. So much for CityFido "unlimited minutes"...Beware!!!

Hi - I am selling my City Fido plan.

Please contact me with an offer at:


does anyone know how to figure out the puk code with out actually phoning Fido and knowing the info on the phone?

I've had nothing but good experiences with Fido and the cityFido Plan. I had neglected to lock in the $40/month unlimited when they first released it, but still at $45/month it's a pretty good plan. My phone reception has been pretty good, certainly comparable to telus/bell/rogers (same network) given that all the companies have their deadspots.

lydia9. seems that some people are hungry for that contract. you want to hand it over to someone else? let "Zakizzy" or "janastacio" know!

Are you in Vancouver? I am looking for an Unlimited City Fido Plan in Vancouver.

Hey Lydia,

You said you were counting the days until your City Fido contract was over and that you would be much happier with another company?

I'll gladly take that contract off your hands!! let me know if you're willing to give it up at and we can go from there.

Overall I've had good service from Fido, but one problem has left a bad taste in my mouth with said company: I discontinued my service with them to go to another carrier. I mistakenly overpaid them about $170 and upon contacting them the CSR said that that was the case. I was told that after 30 days or so the money would be forwarded back to me. That was one year ago. I'm still waiting.

I'd give them 90% for provision and 60% for service.

City Fido is definitely an affordable plan. But when it comes down to it, I'd rather shell out another $20/month to not have to deal with such an incompetent company. Here's my experience over the last year. The handset that I received free with my contract was useless. No wonder it was free; the reception was terrible and it only worked about 70% of the time. I brought it back just in case this handset had been missed during a quality inspection. It was replaced with an equally problematic handset. When dialing out, I would get dead air and no sound. Then I would have to turn my phone off and then on again to make a call. When ending a call, I literally had to turn my phone off to disconnect. Otherwise, the phone would just stay connected even after hitting 'End'. The '7' stopped working. This week, I took 3 hours out my working day to try to have this resolved and travelled 45 minutes to a service centre. How convenien for Fido: their service centres are more remote and far fewer in number than their sales centres. I presented the list of handset problems to the Fido representative. She said she would have to charge me $15 to retrieve the information from their system since I didn't have a receipt with me and told me to come back in an hour. When I returned, she said "See, the number 7 works. Nothing is wrong with it", ignored my comments about the handset having other problems and insisted they couldn't do anything. As if I took 3 hours off of work and drove 45 minutes to a repair centre with a phone that actually works!
Besides all of these handset problems, the network has been terrible. I miss calls (get a voice message but no ring), always have an unsuccessful connection on the first dial, and my calls get terminated midway through a conversation with a client or a friend. You'd think they'd try to compensate for their lousy service. By this point, I'd fully realized that any promises of customer service or satisfaction were purely lip service and that I would have to buy a new handset.

Don't think you'll ever get a phone for the promoted "with agreement" price once you are a customer. Fido caters to new customers only. When I went to their flagship store in person, they couldn't even access my account information and I had to call in and order. If Fido can't even integrate their IS/CRM systems, I don't have much confidence in their ability to integrate networks with Rogers! I had good reason to avoid any interaction with a Fido representative at this point so I went online. I found I couldn't even order online because I'm an existing customer! I shouldn't be surprised by the fact that the online site promotes a gift with purchase for online orders yet new customers are the only ones that can order online. When I called customer service, they said I couldn't order a phone until my account balance was at 0 so I hung up to pay the bill online. When I called back, they told me that I had to call back in 24 hrs because my payment wouldn't be processed yet. How embarrassing to work for a company like this. Why wouldn't they place an order pending confirmation of payment?

After all this, I can venture to say that no other mobility provider can be this lousy. You will be much happier with another company. Needless to say, I am counting the days until my City Fido contract is over!!! They're really shooting themselves in the foot, as the lifetime value of a customer is more than the money they're saving by being so incompetent.

it's good if yuo're not home half the time..and its primary usage is for places like vancouver and toronto that have multiple area codes..that's why..its not a bad idea to have, but at the same time Rogers is cuttin' it down..*sigh

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