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April Prosper

Changing plan

I want to go back on pay as you go how do I stop this plan I'm on please help me

Hi April. Please login on mySASKTEL app on Android or iOS or visit their website and login there. You can make changes on your plan there. Are you on a contract and want to change to prepaid? Please directly contact SaskTel. There will be added fees to cancel a contract.

To change plan in mySASKTEL mobile app:

  1. Open the mySASKTEL mobile app.
  2. Tap Services
  3. If you have more than one account, swipe to the account with the device number for which you want to change plans.
  4. Tap the device number you want to change.
  5. Tap Change plan.
  6. Follow the online shopping process to change your plan.

To change plan in browser/desktop version of mySASKTEL:

1. Log in to mySASKTEL.

2. Click Wireless under Manage Services.

3. If you have more than one device on your account, choose the device number for which you want to change the plan (under Device & plan info).

When choosing a different number, it will take a few moments for the screen to refresh with details for that device

4. Scroll down and click Change plan or Add/remove add-ons.

NOTE: For shareMORE plans, you'll see both "Current Voice" and "Current Data" labels on the plan you have now.

5. If changing plans, click the plan you want. If not, leave the plan as it is.

6. Scroll down and check the add-ons you want to add, and uncheck the ones you want to remove.

NOTE: If the plan or add-ons you have are no longer available, you'll see a message telling you to call 1.800.SASKTEL (1.800.727.5835). If you go ahead with the changes on, you won't be able to keep the discontinued plan or add-ons.

7. Click Continue.

8. On the Order Details page:

 - Review your order (if you change your mind, click Clear cart above the first monthly rate)

 - Check "I agree to the Website Terms and Conditions" (click the link to review the terms in a new browser tab)

 - Click Proceed to checkout

You'll see a message with your order confirmation number.

Source: Sasktel

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