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Which phone model best suits a student’s needs?

i need to get a cell phone and have no idea where to start... i'm a student so the cheaper the better.. and i'm in school most days so free night time and weekends with a answering machine is what i really need.

any advice

There is a $30 plan from Bell with 60 day time minutes UNLIMITED nights and weekends. THe nihgts are from 8pm - 7am, and Friday form 8pm through Monday at 7am. FOr $5 you can make it start at 6pm

Well it depends which type of service you're interested in.

There are two main types:

a) Postpaid / Monthly - requires you to be 18+ years old & have decent credit.

You are billed in advance for a bucket of minutes. All of your local calls come out of this bucket of minutes. A 2 or 3 year contract is often required.

This type of plan starts at one of the following prices depending on the carrier:

a) Bell Mobility - $35 - 100 daytime minutes / unlimited evening (after 8pm) & weekend minutes. No SAF or 911 charges.

b) Rogers Wireless - $25 - 100 daytime minutes / 1000 evening (after 9pm) & weekend minutes. + $6.95 SAF + $0.50 911.

c) Telus Mobility - $25 - 100 daytime minutes / 1000 evening (after 8pm, IIRC) & weekend minutes. + $6.95 SAF + $0.50 911.

d) Fido - $25 - 100 minutes daytime / 1000 minutes evening (after 7pm) & weekend minutes. + $6.95 SAF + $0.50 911.

All of these plans have a $5 option to have 6pm (5pm for fido) evenings instead of the later time.

b) Prepaid / Pay As You Go / Pay & Talk

You pay in advance for a card or an electronic top-up that fills your account with a $ amount to use on minutes. Usually minutes are anywhere from 15c/min to 39c/min depending on the promotion and the card you buy.

See the carriers websites: for more information about pricing.

c) The phone.

Stick with something Nokia, Kyocera, or LG. These brands offer the best quality. Stay away from Motorola & Audiovox.

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