Is there a Rogers dealer that can offer a 2 year contract that cost less than $100 per month with the Motorola v635i?

I am up for a hardware upgrade and i need it desperately as i am currently using a motorola v60tic with Rogers in Toronto and the phone is using the old TDMA service, therefore there are a lot of places that i dont get reception. Plus i recently had to crazy glue my antenna back in b/c it fell off. :S
Anyways, as i look for a new phone, i was interested in the Motorola v635i. It just seems like you get the most with this phone. Problem is that its too expensive. I am only willing to sign for 2 yrs, not 3. Is there anyone in Toronto who knows where/what dealer i can go to get this phone on a 2yr contract for about $50-100? I am currently on a corporate plan paying $26/mnth with a lot of features and do not wish to change my plan.


I would like to update my cell phone--a Samsung B3410R. I have been a Rogers customer since the early 80's. I need a more reliable phone--battery life wise, but I also need a reasonable plan money wise. What is the best plan/phone for me?

I have been with Rodgers since 1995. They paid my first month which happened to be over $200.00 Due to emergency situation.
I carried a group plan from work . I pay $30.00 A Month except for long distance.
A free zone of about200 milesx100miles.
I don't have a new fancy phone because they are so hard to read.
does anyone know of a good phone thats easy to see.
the older flips are hard on battery. poppa

iworkforrogers, those are the 2 things that make the phhone appealing to me, the fact that there is a pretty good camera and its an mp3 player..LOL. I didnt know it had that many problems though, thanks i will look into them. I will also check out the other nokia and the new LG phoens too. I was also looking itno the rokr, thanks ejafus. I heard a lot of people are dissapointed in it though, as they were expecting an ipod inside the phone, yet all it really is is a phoen that plays music, not an ipod.

BTW, is it possibel to get out of that b/s activation fee ($35)?

I just upgraded to the Motorola ROKR and this is a pretty good phone. It's not yet battle-tested (not been to the sticks to check for reception, haven't had it for more than a couple of days) but so far it's pretty good and not too expensive $149.99 after 50.00 rebate, 2-yr. contract, can keep my current plan. I don't know if that works for plans as low as yours, however.

What I do know is that the reception in the city is stellar and has worked inside large shopping complexes and underground parking garages and so far the # of reception bars have stayed at the full 5.

I understand what you are saying about the three year contract. But I sold the V635i to one of my customers and about a month after he had the phone he had to bring it in because it wouldn't charge. Once the phone came back from warranty work, he was back within one day with the exact same problem. If you really want the memory chip (because that is the one feature that the Nokia 6101 and Samsung P207 don't have) try the Nokia PhatBoy or there is a new LG phone about to launch with the flash card. Unless you want to transfer mp3's onto your phone or are expecting "great" pictures from your camera, you do not need the flash card. The V635i also has very poor reception (but if you stay in the Toronto area you should be fine) and the battery life is really short, and will be even shorter if you are using the camera a lot or listening to mp3's. I hope you will be happy with the decision that you make.
P.S. The motorola V3 (the razor) is on sale for $99 on 3/yr or $149 on 2yr. This is the most stylish phone out there right now. You might want to check that out.

I do keep all my Rogers bills, but they are usually around $40/month total, my plan is pretty good and i never have to go over my minutes. Funny how every person i talk to never mentions the fact that i am able to get an upgrade at 18months, nice of them to keep those secrets to themselves, especially since i have been with rogers for 4 years now.

Anyways, why is it that you say that the v635i isnt very good and you recommend the other 2? I looked at all 3 and the features that come with the v635i are much better than what comes with the samsung and the nokia phones.

I really hate long commitments, thats why i dont want to go on a 3yr term. I have had many problems with Rogers with cable internet and cell so if i want to drop them completely someday i dont want to have to wait a whole year extra to avoid the charge.

Thanks for your help.

If you are on a plan, and you have kept your bills up to date, Rogers allows their customers to upgrade after 18 months, on matter the contract length. If your bills are big, more than $100 a month, they will allow you to upgrade early.

The Motorola V635i is not a great phone and that comes with experience. I do not reccomend that phone to any of my customers. The samsung P207 is really nice, as well as nokia 6101. These phones are much cheaper as well.

Also, three year contracts are not that bad. It will cost you the exact same to cancel your 3 year plan as it well on your 2 year plan ($200). Also, you can still upgrade after 18 months on a 3 year contract. I personally would go on a 3-year term with Rogers (not all cell companies are that nice), plus you will get the phone for $50 cheaper on a three year. Splurge on a nice phone now because in a couple of months you will be kicking yourself in the ass for not buying the nice phone.

Hope that helps!

There are a few guys on this site selling handsets. Take a look through the posts and dig them up. They might b able to fit your budget.

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